Top Reasons Why Seychelles Should Be on Your Bucket List


You don’t need to wonder about the reasons to visit the Seychelles. This beautiful archipelago of 115 islands lying in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa is a dream destination for many vacationers. Until the 18th century, the Seychelles was uninhabited.

However, since the arrival of French settlers in the late 18th century, the Seychelles receives travelers from all over the world who come to enjoy the stunning natural scenery, diverse cultures, amazing beaches and the interesting wildlife. From great outdoors to enjoying local food, there are plenty of fascinating things in Seychelles you must see. Here are the most convincing reasons why Seychelles should be your travel destination this year.

The Culture

The islands of the Seychelles are inhabited by people of different cultures. The diversity of customs and traditions among the settlers makes the islands stunning. There are a variety of tourist attractions and entertainments to see ranging from old colonial to modern.

The Best Beaches in the World

Seychelles is a beach-lovers dream destination. While having a single splendid beach makes an island look great, in Seychelles there are many awesome beaches unlike other islands. The beaches have soft white sand, clear and crisp waters providing the best experience you can ever think about. You have a variety to choose from. Some of the best beaches include the Beau Vallon, Baie Lazare and Anse Lazio. The beaches are picture-perfect with lovely waters and lush palms.  

The Year-round Good Weather

Although there are seasons in Seychelles, the weather is perfect throughout the year. During the rains, it is always warm and it usually rains for a short duration. During the day, it is usually hot, but not too hot. While there are very few people who go on holiday to experience rain, Seychelles has a spectacular weather.

Hiking Trails

Not all the action happens in the beach or in the ocean. Seychelles is a place with outstanding hikes. As a hiker, Seychelles offers you optional activities that will suit you. You can hike on a coastal path in Morne Seychellois National Park and experience vanilla, wild ginger and cinnamon along the trails. For bicycle lovers, the island of La Digue has the perfect road for cyclist.

Witness the Endangered Species

Besides the amazing beaches, Seychelles is also home to many endangered species in the world. Some of the endangered species on these stunning islands include the hawksbill, green turtles, Seychelles paradise flycatchers, Aldabra giant tortoises and many more species. Visit these islands to have a look at the amazing species rarely found. 

Creole Cuisine

Island cuisine is usually pretty tasty, and Seychelles is not an exception. There is no other place to find such an excellent Creole cuisine. The cuisine blends African, Chinese, French, Indian and English flavors with Creole influences. Regardless of your taste, you can be sure to find food that you will love. The seafood is ever fresh and delicious.

Underwater Wonders

There are six spectacular marine national parks in Seychelles. Do you need more convincing that this is the place to enjoy underwater beauty and wonder? Snorkelers and scuba divers have lot more to do in Seychelles during the vacation. Enjoy swimming and diving among stingrays or snorkel through the tropical fish and corals.