Where to Stay in Denmark

Denmark is undeniably one of the best countries in the world. If you are planning to spend your vacation here, we have listed the top most beautiful hotels that you can stay in. Let’s get the ball rolling and examine what each hotel has to offer.

Hotel d’Angleterre

 Hotel d’Angleterre is a grand hotel landmark in Copenhagen. This hotel is very historic and close to one Michelin-starred restaurant in the city. If you want to get around the city, you should stay in this hotel. Originally built in 1977, the hotel has been transformed into a beautiful building with contemporary rooms and modern amenities.  The price is just right for the wonderful service they offer and the friendly staff.

Gjáargarður Guesthouse

If you want a charming view of the Atlantic, this hotel is perfect for you. Just an hour way from the capital Tórshavn, Gjáargarður Guesthouse is a fusion of rustic and contemporary accommodation at the edge of Europe. It has a cozy accommodation at a great value for your money. The food is warm and the interiors are mesmerizing. We love the ambiance of this hotel.

Nimb Hotel

The façade of this hotel is just wow! Nimb Hotel is designed like the castles you see on TV with those meticulously decorated façade and artistic architecture. During the night, the façade comes lit with thousands of soft glowing bulb making it more attractive.  It’s quite pricey but if you have the budget and you want to spoil yourself during your vacation, don’t think twice of this hotel. 

Hotel Foroyar

Perched on a hillside, Hotel Foroyar is your ideal hotel if you want to experience a real Danish vibe. This hotel features white-painted rooms, which all look very dainty and neat.  What makes this hotel unique aside from its designs and colors is the rare hotel gym for guests who want to keep up with their shapes while spending a vacation.